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Students from Florida shooting are preparing a national march

Syrian progovernment forces will help Syrian Kurds fighting against a Turkish offensive

Survivors of the high school mass shooting demand tighter gun controls

President Putin says Russia is developing weapons capable of penetrating enemy defences

Russias UN ambassador told the council his country had presented amendments

Many US companies have also expressed alarm, including beer brewers

They have been charged with interfering in the US election

It is the first humanitarian aid to enter the besieged Syrian enclave in weeks

Fighters loyal to Damascus have joined the Kurdish militia against Turkish forces

More civilians reported killed in new government attacks on besieged district

It is unclear whether any civilians left during the fivehour ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta

US President reacts to killing of school students and staff

The decision would allow for aid deliveries and medical evacuations

Turkey has threatened to attack USallied Kurdish forces

Background checks into Mr Kushner have still not been completed

Kim Yongchol has never denied plotting several attacks on South Korea

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Human rights investigators accuse senior military commanders of war crimes

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Mr Trump has expressed support for arming teachers and ending gunfree zones near schools

Saudi King Salman also replaced the heads of the ground forces and air defences

Syrians trapped in the rebel enclave speak of desperation after government bombardment.

The US president said steel products ce a tariff

President Ashraf Ghani proposed measures including a ceasefire and prisoner swaps

One of Americas biggest gun retailers announces an end to automatic weapon sales

President Buhari has apologised for the suspected abductions

Syrian President Bashar alAssad says offensive in Eastern Ghouta will continue.

US Homeland Security said he was the worst child exploitation offender

The presidents comments come amid controversy over his decision to impose steel tariffs

Syrian airstrikes continue on the rebelheld enclave, despite UN demands for a ceasefire