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Foreign language, culture and communication training should be bolstered for border staff to strengthen and safeguard the Chinese frontier and coastal regions, military deputies to the th National Peoples Congress said on Thursday.

How China should respond to dramatic Korean Peninsula changes

Southwest Chinas Tibet Autonomous Region witnessed its P grow percent in from a year ago, marking the th straight year of doubledigit growth.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Thursday urged the US and North Korea to talk as soon as possible after Pyongyang showed a rare willingness to halt nuclear programs if its national security were assured.

Possible negotiations on NK nuclear issue may be more difficult than before

Tillerson should reflect on US relations with Africa

China will take effective measure to protect its legitimate rights and interests MOFCOM

President Xi Jinping, as the chief architect of Chinas majorcountry diplomacy, has been personally involved in planning and conducting brilliant headofstate diplomacy, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Thursday.

China will take effective measures to firmly safeguard its legitimate rights and interests, on the basis of evaluating Chinas loss brought about by the US move, a Chinese Ministry of Commerce official said on Friday, responding to the US move to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

Chinese leaders underline rural vitalization, highquality development

China Iron and Steel Association CISA said on Friday that it firmly opposes the US decision to impose tariffs reaching toward percent on steel imports, in response to the US President Donald Trumps proctions.

Pakistans involvement in BR initiative raises its profile, influence in South Asia

The construction of the SinoRussian TongjiangNizhneleninskoye railway bridge is expected to be completed this year together with other crossborder infrastructure programs aimed at enhancing Chinas connectivity with Russia and central Europe and central Asia, senior officials of Northeast Chinas Heilongjiang Province said on Thursday.

Chinas antigraft sky net spreads out to Latin America, Caribbean


Giving credit where due can help cut systemic risks in China

China is developing its homegrown reusable space plane, which observers said could penetrate the antimissile system once used for military purposes.

Ladies first Womenonly carriages split opinion

US President Donald Trumps Twitter request that China reduce its trade surplus is unrealistic and unreasonable, which ignores Chinas ongoing efforts to expand US imports to alleviate the trade imbalance, Chinese experts said.