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With the decrease in time to market for new products, increased economic pressure and more functionality being required from smaller and more reliable devices, selection of the optimum thermal intece becomes a critical component of the design process. One way in which the total cost of ownership and time to market can be reduced is by the use of fully cured, siliconefree thermally conductive putties.  TGlobal Technology offers a complete dispensing solution.

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tGlobal Technology are experts in thermal management solutions for a variety of industries. We work best when involved with a project at the design stage. We work as partners with our customers by offering advice and technical solutions as projects develop.

TGlobal Technology offers expert knowledge at the earliest product design stage. Early discussions of a projects thermal management allows for more testing time and ensures your end product is more efficient and performs better.

TGlobal Technology offers thermal management solutions and innovation for the next generation of electronics. With cutting edge products designed with our clients requirements in mind, we are excited by invention and technology which meet the growing demands of smaller, more efficient, cuttingedge devices.  Our latest products are designed with these and your demands in mind.

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