NZ Heralinternational newsd

NZ Heralinternational newsdWomans remains and clothing were found three years after tragic accident.

Shea Peter Heeley was jailed for at least andahalf years.

Shocking ghost recording during childs tantrum

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Top aides seek to persuade Kim to start talks with the US.

Brutal moment ther confronts, chokes yo bully

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Trumps rare of affection is going viral … for all the wrong reasons

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Barnaby Joyce has suggested he may not be the ther; her ex has flatly denied it.

Teacher arrested after sending male student, , nudes

Judge, police help oust Trump Hotels from Panama property

Jury finds German man was sane when he set Los Angeles fires

Heartbreaking tale of woman who died after being trapped in wall space

LOS ANGELES AP A German man who set dozens of fires across Los Angeles during several nights of terror six years ago to avenge his mothers deportation was sane at the time, a jury decided….

Trump escalates trade war, threatens EU carmakers

Three pensioners say their human rights are being breached by pension deductions.

The visit was aimed at encouraging Pyongyang and Washington to talk.

Woman on plane filmed drying knickers under air vent

PROVIDENCE, R.I. AP New cameras set up to capture drivers speeding near schools produced more than , tickets in days, prompting hundreds of potential violators to show up for a Rhode….

Stripped naked, watched , masturbated on flight

ROME AP Italys voters have spoken, and the populists ruled the day. But whether these euroskeptics can put aside their distrust and rivalries to rule together was the big question Monday as….

Plea deal sees child rapist serve no jail time

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Mystery substance Former Russian spy critically ill in British hospital

Baby girl died after rottweiler attack in NSW

The former spy is critically ill in a British hospital.

Court flooded by people challenging K speed camera tickets

PANAMA CITY AP Workers pried President Donald Trumps name from signs outside his mily companys luxury hotel in Panama on Monday, as Trumps executives were ousted from their management….

Woman on plane filmed drying knickers under air vent

Italys election result echoed a number of recent political trends in Europe.

Jury finds German man was sane when he set Los Angeles fires

Italys populist parties rule the day, but will they rule?

EPA appointee gets approval to consult for outside clients

Watch New Qatar Airways business class will revolutionize premium travel

Watch Woman pulled from burning car by cop angel

LOS ANGELES AP A German man who set dozens of fires across Los Angeles during several nights of terror six years ago to avenge his mothers deportation was sane at the time, a jury decided….

Trump, Ryan ce off in rare public GOP clash over tariffs

Thousands call for removal of Virginian judge after child rapist let off with probation.

Barnaby Joyce has suggested he may not be the ther; her ex has flatly denied it.

At Billy Grahams funeral, there was a rather awkward moment between Trump and Pence.

Threeyearold dies, sister critical after overdosing

Were not stigmatising men, but predators, said the president of the Paris area.

Plea deal sees child rapist serve no jail time

Thousands call for removal of Virginian judge after child rapist let off with probation.

They went hiking on spectacular terrain but why did bushwalkers never return home?

Shocking ghost recording during childs tantrum

Watch Trump signs executive order to pull USA from TPP

Mystery substance Former Russian spy critically ill in British hospital

Court flooded by people challenging K speed camera tickets

Evil policy robs pensioners of dignity, independence

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Convicted criminal was savagely raped at yo, now hes denied survivors compensation.

Family devastated after bullies who drove boy to suicide attempt given light punishment.

Utica College lifts lockdown after investigation of threat

Mixed signals from US over tariff exemptions for allies

The little girl killed in a dog attack was loved and adored by so many.

A moment of awe little girl captivated by Obama portrait

Tragic bride and groom took Grand Canyon helicopter flight on their honeymoon.

Brutal moment ther confronts, chokes yo bully

Baby girl died after rottweiler attack in NSW

A hearing to determine if he stands trial over ual offence charges will begin today.

Barnaby Joyce has revealed the paternity of Vikki Campions baby boy is a grey area.

Italys populist parties rule the day, but will they rule?

UTICA, N.Y. AP Students locked themselves in classrooms and hid under desks at a college in upstate New York on Monday after the school received a threatening message about someone armed with a….

Young parents heartbroken after daughter dies, sibling fighting for her life

Man charged after lashing out at stepdaughters tormentor.

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The of a young girl in front of MIchelle Obamas portrait has struck a chord.

Stripped naked, watched , masturbated on flight

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Nordstrom rejects buyout deal from Nordstrom mily

Watch NZH Focus Sean Spicer just wont shut up

Man tied up after vile behaviour on a flight.

Seoul envoys meet N. Koreas Kim during Pyongyang trip

Watch Trump spokesman Spicer defends most watched inauguration claim

Watch A journey to Antarctica Life on the frozen planet

Married teacher arrested for allegedly conducting a ual relationship with a student.

Mystery substance Former Russian spy critically ill in British hospital

Fury as bullies push yo to doublesuicide attempt

Exemptions unlikely but room left for an unpredicle president to change his mind.

Man charged after lashing out at stepdaughters tormentor.

e Global Warming Nglobel news

e Global Warming Nglobel newsYouTube   More than top political appointees and nominees across the Trump administration either decline to acknowledge that humans…

California, Washington and Oregon have led criticism of Trumps climate policies, but change hasnt been easier closer to home…

Treasure Island, which sits between San Francisco and Oakland, is sinking st, at a rate of a third of an inch a year.Frank Ramspott/Getty Images

New research claims that official estimates lowballed the risk by, uh, about a ctor of three…

Largescale changes to our atmosphere and environment that normally happen over thousands of years are now happening over decades…

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Waves from a winter storm in early March washed over houses in Scituate, Massachusetts, and flooded the streets. The noreaster hit as tides were already high because of the nearly full moon. Credit Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Two noreasters fueled record tides in Boston in recent weeks, causing coastal flooding. Advocates warn infrastructure isnt being built to weather climate change…

Frozen fields on the Lofoten Islands in the Arctic Circle in northern Norway. Scientists say conditions in the region are unprecedented. Photograph Olivier Morin/AFP/Getty Images

The estimated cost of measures to limit Earthwarming greenhouse gas emissions can be more than offset by reductions in deaths and disease from air pollution, researchers said on Saturday…

New Zealanders made the most of the countrys hottest summer on record.CHARLOTTE CURD/STUFF

A Texas National Guardsman carries a resident from her flooded home following Hurricane Harvey on August , , in Houston, Texas.Lt. Zachary West/Army National Guard via Getty Images

To date, the average global temperature is thought to have increased by C since the Industrial Revolution. Image Jorge Guerrero / AFP

If you move to the San Francisco Bay Area, prepare to pay some of the most exorbitant home prices on the planet. Also, prepare for the ct that someday, your new home could be underwaterand not just financially…

An aerial view of San Francisco. One of the greenest cities in the US is cing a major threat from…

The nuisance flooding that accompanies seasonal high tides in parts of the Miami area will become more common as sea level rises. Credit Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Scott Pruitt described the Second Amendment as inely granted, and condemned federal judges as a judicial monarchy. Pete Marovich/Getty Images

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson was impressed with the way Donald Trump watched the solar eclipse without glasses. Carlson described it as perhaps the most impressive thing any president has done. Photograph Fox News

Treasure Island, which sits between San Francisco and Oakland, is sinking st, at a rate of a third of an…

Radio archives from Oklahoma also show him warning of judicial monarchy and advocating constitutional amendments to ban abortion and gay marriage…

More than top political appointees and nominees across the Trump administration either decline to acknowledge that humans are the main cause of climate change or say that significant questions exist about how much people contribute to the problem…

The ult lies entirely with the GOP. Focus on fixing it, not laying blame where it doesnt belong…

The nuisance flooding that accompanies seasonal high tides in parts of the Miami area will become more common as…

A new report shows how vulnerable U.S. coastal areas are to rising seas, with some flooding daily by . San Francisco ces a double whammy its also sinking…

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An aerial view of San Francisco. One of the greenest cities in the US is cing a major threat from global warming. Photograph Alamy Stock Photo

Sea ice has hit record lows for time of year as experts say global warming probably fueled big storms in Europe and northeastern US…

Weather patterns in the Arctic have been described as freakishly warm. NPRs Michel Martin talks with climate science professor Katharine Hayhoe of Texas Tech University about whats behind it…

New Zealand just sweated through its hottest summer on record, a Niwa report shows…

To date, the average global temperature is thought to have increased by C since the Industrial Revolution. Image Jorge…

The Arctic is warming up more than twice as st as the rest of the world, due to numerousfeedbacks. At times, large areas over the Arctic Ocean can become C or F warmer than , as illustrated by the below…

International Business Newsinternational news

Londonbased Mohammed Bhai introduced girls to Shami Hasin Jahans fresh allegation

World Water Day Bengaluru may soon run out of water, says study

Russian astronomers discover new black hole, dedicate it to Stephen Hawking

Supersonic cruise missile BrahMos successfully flighttested from Pokhran

Google commemorates geochemist Katsuko Saruhashi on her th birth anniversary with a doodle

Shah Rukh Khans Arab lookalike will make your jaws dropSee pics

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah calls BJP spineless, says it should not give accountancy lessons on Twitter

How can female teacher ually harass Principals defence over Delhi student suicide

CPEC now threatens to destroy our industry by lifting import tariffs, say Pakistani officials

Jodhpur court orders FIR against Hardik Pandya over tweet on AmbedkarInternational Business Newsinternational news

globel newsGlobal Times

Foreign language, culture and communication training should be bolstered for border staff to strengthen and safeguard the Chinese frontier and coastal regions, military deputies to the th National Peoples Congress said on Thursday.

How China should respond to dramatic Korean Peninsula changes

Southwest Chinas Tibet Autonomous Region witnessed its P grow percent in from a year ago, marking the th straight year of doubledigit growth.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Thursday urged the US and North Korea to talk as soon as possible after Pyongyang showed a rare willingness to halt nuclear programs if its national security were assured.

Possible negotiations on NK nuclear issue may be more difficult than before

Tillerson should reflect on US relations with Africa

China will take effective measure to protect its legitimate rights and interests MOFCOM

President Xi Jinping, as the chief architect of Chinas majorcountry diplomacy, has been personally involved in planning and conducting brilliant headofstate diplomacy, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Thursday.

China will take effective measures to firmly safeguard its legitimate rights and interests, on the basis of evaluating Chinas loss brought about by the US move, a Chinese Ministry of Commerce official said on Friday, responding to the US move to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

Chinese leaders underline rural vitalization, highquality development

China Iron and Steel Association CISA said on Friday that it firmly opposes the US decision to impose tariffs reaching toward percent on steel imports, in response to the US President Donald Trumps proctions.

Pakistans involvement in BR initiative raises its profile, influence in South Asia

The construction of the SinoRussian TongjiangNizhneleninskoye railway bridge is expected to be completed this year together with other crossborder infrastructure programs aimed at enhancing Chinas connectivity with Russia and central Europe and central Asia, senior officials of Northeast Chinas Heilongjiang Province said on Thursday.

Chinas antigraft sky net spreads out to Latin America, Caribbean


Giving credit where due can help cut systemic risks in China

China is developing its homegrown reusable space plane, which observers said could penetrate the antimissile system once used for military purposes.

Ladies first Womenonly carriages split opinion

US President Donald Trumps Twitter request that China reduce its trade surplus is unrealistic and unreasonable, which ignores Chinas ongoing efforts to expand US imports to alleviate the trade imbalance, Chinese experts said.

international newsCNN International Latest World News Video News and Opinion

Power and plantains are back for some six months after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico

ProSyrian regime forces building up near US troops in Syria

Most of the schoolgirls kidnapped last month in Nigeria released

Life in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria

Bombing is latest in a string of attacks to rock the Afghan capital

Chinas president has blunt warning for Taiwan

Palestinian teen activist agrees to month plea deal

Africas first female president to resign over expenses claims

We are the forgotten people Its been almost six months since Hurricane Maria, and Puerto Ricans are still dying

US prepares to leave Iran deal even as talks with Europe continue

Assad flaunts Ghouta onslaught by driving into recaptured area

Sweeping new taxes in Europe for tech giants Google and Facebook

Ex French President quizzed over campaign cash allegations

Brazilians mourn slain politician and demand justice for her death

China creates global media behemoth called Voice of China

How to survive climate change A lesson from Hurricane Maria

Peruvian President Kuczynski resigns amid corruption scandal

world newsWorldclass kayaker dies in accident on North Carolina river

The mily posted to social media that her boat was found pinned against the right side of the river, but they will never know exactly what happened.

Noakes was a native of New Zealand and a member of her countrys national free kayak team for many years.

The Asheville CitizenTimes reports yearold Maria Noakes of Bryson City died Saturday as she paddled down the Cheoah River with her youngest son and two of his friends. All were considered expert paddlers.

ASHEVILLE Authorities say a worldclass kayaker has died in an accident on a North Carolina river.

Partly cloudy skies. Low F. Winds light and variable.

The accident occurred about p.m. on Saturday. North Carolina Fish and Wildlife Commission officer Zach Allman said the cause of the accident is under newsWorldclass kayaker dies in accident on North Carolina river

globel newsMultiple Payment Options Available for Inmate Telephone Service

globel newsMultiple Payment Options Available for Inmate Telephone ServiceYou can sign up for a prepaid calling account today if you experience any of the following

• Your local telephone company does not offer billing on collect calls

GTLs featurerich Inmate Telephone System is a turnkey solution that comes complete with all hardware and software, including the telephone network, circuits, monitoring and recording system, callcontrol system, secure daase, telephones, workstations, printers, and associated software.

From intake to release, information on all aspects of an inmates incarcerations are maintained by the GTL Offender Management System OMS including initial intake, charges, sentencing, property, housing, medical, meal planning, scheduling, and temporary release to name a few.

The GTL VisitMe video visitation solution allows cilities to transition traditional inperson visitation service to a more secure onpremise or remote alternative. This highly scalable solution can help cilities improve security while reallocating staff time to more critical tasks.

Beyond the educational and cognitive potential of letbased games, they also provide a welcome change of pace from the tedium that often accompanies incarceration. We shouldnt forget how motivating it can be to have activities to occupy your time.At one cilityin Pima County, Arizona, allowing inmates to have access to lets and a range of approved content including games has resulted in nole decreases in suicide attempts and ideations, successful suicides, inmate on staff assaults, and inmateoninmate assaults.

VisitMe Scheduler can eliminate long queues in the visitation area by avoiding the chaos of having a high volume of concurrent visitors at the cility. In so doing, the system also minimizes staffing requirements.

Education Link allows inmates to take advantage of several electronic learning initiatives while monitoring and reporting each inmates progress so adjustments can be made, if necessary.

• You have a high collect call bill and want to manage your calling budget

GTLs data analysis tools include a powerful data mining and link analysis application to identify actionable intelligence critical to ensuring a cilitys safety and security. They offer the ability to take any data source for the purposes of analysis, even including the detection of mobile devices and the extraction of its data.

• You have a collect call restriction by your local phone provider

You can remove a block on your telephone number by calling the GTL customer service department at and speaking to one of the representatives. They will submit a request to have the block removed. The time frame for a block removal is business days.

The names are for iniduals, regardless of whether they have the same telephone number.

There are several ways to receive calls from inmates, including collect, prepaid collect, and inmate debit calls. Inmates have the option of placing collect calls to telephone numbers approved by the correctional cility. Collect calls are billed to the called party every month through their phone carrier company.

The inmate must complete and sign an Offender Telephone List Inmate Phone Policy Indiana Code a, identifying no more than names and the telephone numbers of who could be called.

PREPAID COLLECTGTLs prepaid collect option,AdvancePay®, allows a friend or mily member to set up a calling account to his or her phone number without the restrictions of standard billing. Every time calls are made and accepted to a prepaid number, the charges are deducted from the account. Prepaid accounts can be set up for all s of numbers, including cell phones. Friends and mily should or call .. to set up an AdvancePay® account today!

• Your phone number is blocked from receiving inmate collect calls

If you are being threatened by an Indiana inmate, you should contact the Superintendent at the cility where the inmate is currently being housed. Our office will also forward your email concerns to the Parole Board, Crime Victims Notification, and the Superintendent.

GTL offers friends and mily members of inmates, trusted and economical options for staying in touch with their loved ones.

GTL offers multiple options for friends and mily to set up and fund telephone accounts, inmate trust accounts, or commissary accounts. This streamlines the payment process for friends and mily members seeking to communicate with incarcerated loved ones or provide them with funds.

» ContactGTL Solutions» Inmate Communication Solutions

Message Link provides an electronic alternative to an otherwise inefficient and potentially tainted communication method. As contraband and cryptic messages are entering correctional cilities through an everrising level of creativity, Message Link provides a secure, controlled environment for inmate messaging.

Friends and mily members are also able to purchase phone minutes for an inmatesPIN Debitaccount by creating an Offender Phone account m. Once the payment has been made, the amount is credited to the offender and may be used to make phone calls to any allowed phone number. Inmates can call any approved phone numbers, including cell phones, with their debit account.

GTLs IQ mily of call and voice analysis products offer investigators a range of options for gathering actionable intelligence to combat fraud, criminal activity, and gang and terrorist recruitment by pinpointing the location of a called party, identifying phone , detecting calls from multiple inmates to a single called party, and identifying inmates using voiceprints.

Please note there are other reasons why your phone number may be blocked from receiving collect calls from correctional cilities.

Any incoming call can be blocked permanently from a correctional cility by pressing when prompted. You will be asked to provide a digit personal identification number PIN to confirm the block. This PIN will be required to remove the block in the future if needed.

Although video games cant be a replacement for education, recent studies have shown that they can be an effective educational tool in a variety of environments. Furthermore, educational video games can provide cognitive and behavioral training to their players, something Kurt Squire at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, asserted in his Video Games and Education. Squire describes players taking part in a culture of participation [and] setting up scenarios and exploring under what conditions they might work. That kind of cognitive development could be key to helping inmates get ready to reenter the outside world.

COLLECTCalls to certain approved numbers and the call charges will remain the same as they do today on your monthly phone bill. However, note that collect calls cannot be made to cell phones, office phones, or hospital numbers.

GTLs Deposit Systems create efficiencies when taking deposits, reduce correctional cility costs, and increase the convenience for friends and mily members. GTL offers a broad selection of products to choose from so that the right mix can be created for every cility.

GTLs Intelligence as a Service offering is flexible enough to meet the unique demands of inidual cilities. Focused on the development of actionable intelligence, analysts are trained and equipped with the tools to analyze vast amounts of raw data to provide cilities with the proverbial needle in a haystack. Depending on cility needs, analysts can also be equipped to provide mobile device forensic services to extract data from legally seized contraband phones, thus assisting cilities in shutting down the supply of contraband.

• You have reached the maximum dollar amount limit allowed for collect calls

Our inpod kiosk can be configured to allow inmates to access a variety of approved applications through a secure personal device. Offerings in the GTL entertainment portfolio provide access to the largest MP/, video, and ebook secure library available.

If you receive a high number of collect calls, you may have reached the billing limit allowed by your local phone company. Once you reach a maximum phone bill amount, you may be at a risk of being blocked from receiving future collect calls from an inmate. In such instances, you can call GTL atto sign up for a prepaid calling account and begin receiving calls again.

Please note in order to receive calls to cell phones, inmates must call either prepaid collect or use their inmate debit calling account.

DEBITDebit calling puts the inmate in control of their phone account. They will be able to purchase debit minutes from the commissary, which they can then use to call friends and mily members

You can sign up for the easytouse and convenient prepaid calling program offered by GTL, by eitherClicking Hereto sign up online or calling .

• You are trying to receive collect calls on a cell phone or work phone

Providing Gaming Options in Facilities Increases Security and Rehabilitation

You can also call the GTL customer service department at, and they will be able to help block future calls from a cility. If you are being physically threatened, you should contact your local law enforcement agency to obtain a Personal Protection Order.

OMS Accounting was specifically designed to meet the needs of correctional cilities of every . Unlike standard offtheshelf accounting systems, OMS Accounting offers corrections institutions the exact modules that will help them complete all of their correctional cilitys accounting activities.

GTLs Facility Services Secretary allows friends and milies to easily access cility information, inmate status, and other services such as court dates, release dates, cility address and directions, rules and policies, visitation information and hours, just by dialing a single tollfree number.

GTL is the corrections industrys trusted, onestop source for integrated technology solutions, delivering an innovative vision for the future while providing exceptional value today.

There are multiple ways to block calls from inmates as needed. Any incoming call can be refused at any time by either hanging up or pressing when prompted. The call will be disconnected and the inmate will be informed their call was not accepted.

As a leading innovator of corrections technology,GTLhas long understood the importance of offering a wide range of technology and education products. To this end, one of the innovations GTL has developed forinmate letsis a range of video games. GTLsGame Center Subscriptionapplication gives inmates access to a cilityapproved library of games that is constantly changing and expanding due to popularity and demand. In the almost two years since it was launched, the app has continued to be both a source of entertainment as well as a great education resource.

• You are unable to receive inmate calls on your cell phone, office phone, hospital phone or other commercial phone numbers

Introducing GTL Genesis to a cility provides an automated alternative to manual, behindthebars activities. In addition, the GTL Genesis provides the opportunity to introduce new interactive technologies that help inmates manage their incarcerated time.

GTLs innovative technology allows correctional cilities to streamline the release process through a suite of easytouse, timesaving products for returning inmate funds at the time of release.

If you are receiving unwanted correspondence or telephone calls from an inmate, you should contact the Superintendent at the cility where the inmate is currently being housed. A written correspondence and/or telephone restriction may be placed on the inmate after a ir and impartial review of your request. We will make every effort to restrict contact from the inmate after your request is approved. However, if you should receive any contact after the restriction, please contact the Superintendent at the cility where the inmate is being housed.

For any questions regarding our calling options, friends and mily members should call GTL at ..!

GTL provides the opportunity for inmate telephone accounts to be created and minutes purchased through multiple payment solutions.

• Your local telephone company does not bill for inmate collect calls

Lebglobel newsanon Forum

Womans head stepped on by Rand Paul supporters

Why are lebanese women trying to look like me?

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yearold Killed in Shootout with Md. Police Suspected of Killing Family

Whos got your vote for Congress in Kentuckys nd District?

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Is Clement still down at Brookhaven tralor park

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Woodlawn Grocery and Marion county health depar…

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gays in leb tht want to hav ..leave name nd…

How Much Does H R Block charge To Do Your Taxes

Whos got your vote in the Kentucky Senate race?

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Paul vs Conway The Nastiest Debate Of TPMDCLebglobel newsanon Forum

international newsInternational Womens Day

international newsInternational Womens DayEmergency response products for water disasters

When we think of urban infrastructure, what probably comes to mind are roads, pipes, drains and construction. Heres why healthy urban wetlands are equally essential.

IWMI researchers suggest how in a Devex opinion article

High time to stforward arsenic reduction in Bangladesh

The changing benefits of ecosystem services for rural communities in northern Ghana.

Water solutions to manage risk and variability

Water, food and waste innovations for urbanizing landscapes

Government of India announces new multibillion dollar scheme to implement solarisation of rm irrigation on a national scale.

The International Water Management Institute IWMI is a CGIAR center focused on research for development to deliver new evidencebased approaches that address key waterrelated challenges.CGIARis a global research partnership for a foodsecure future. IWMI is the lead center for theCGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and EcosystemsWLE.

IWMI Working Paper Understanding the Hydrological Impacts of Climate Change in the Tana River Basin, Kenya

Creating fertile ground for innovation in agricultural water management

Valuing natural capital for sustainable urban development

The changing benefits of ecosystem services for rural communities in northern Ghana

International Water Management InstituteIWMI

Florianne Clement, a social scientist at IWMI, explains how development projects can detect and influence the critical consciousness that compels and enables women to rise above the prejudice and discrimination around them.

After the success of the pilot project on IndexBased Flood Insurance IBFI for rmers in Bihar, the World Bank has shown interest in helping to scale up the plan across eastern India.

IWMI Working Paper Dependence of riparian communities on ecosystem services in northern Ghana

Valuing natural capital for sustainable urban development.

IWMI Research Report Joint Ventures in the Flag Boshielo Irrigation Scheme, South Africa A History of Smallholders, States and Business

globel newsForeign Policy

A stunning profile of Ben Rhodes, the asshole who is the presidents foreign policy guru

Those fitting broad atrisk profiles would be targeted for continuous vetting.

How WHO and other international agencies aid Assads war against Syrias civilians.

The Trump Teams Blinkered Obsession With the Iran Deal Is Poisoning the Well

Hungary and Poland Arent Democratic. Theyre Authoritarian.

Opponents of the nuclear agreement have distorted the debate over U.S. policy in the Middle East.

The president risks weakening one of Americas most formidable policy tools.

A stunning profile of Ben Rhodes, the asshole who is the presidents foreign policy guru

SitRep Russian Jet Shot Down Over Syria; Israeli Targeted Killings

Financier Is Top Choice to Advise President on Intelligence Matters

SitRep Trump Open to Talk with Kim Jong Un; North Korea Intel Failure

How WHO and other international agencies aid Assads war against Syrias civilians.

On the Campaign Trail With a Former Russian Reality Star

More Best Defense

Theres nothing wrong with political tribes that cant be fixed by whats right with them.

More Elephants in the Room

More Lawre

How Israel Won a War but Paid a High Moral Price

Congressional Republicans Are Pulling a BaitandSwitch in the TrumpRussia Investigation

The Crime of Gender Inequality in Global Health

Ronen Bergman discusses his new book, Rise and Kill First.

SitRep Hawaii Missile Alert Caused by Pushing Wrong Button; Nuclear Posture Review Leaks

The Best International Relations Schools in the World

Was a Bad Year for Egypts LGBT Community. Could Be Even Worse.

Situation Report Russia Slams U.S. Missile Defense Sale to Japan

How Far is Too Far for Israels Targeted Killings?

Trump Is the Worst Salesman America Has Ever Had

In part two of our Olympics series, print editor Sarah Wildman and FP reporter Emily Tamkin chat with Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen ahead of the games in Pyeongchang.

Andrs Manuel Lpez Obradors ascension seems like an increasingly good bet.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, solutions to many of the worlds toughest problems already existyou just need to know where to look for them.

How to learn to stop worrying and love the EUs new security and defense agreement.

FP offers a variety of ways for you to contact us securely and anonymously.

Top Democrats Return Sows Uncertainty for Iran Deal

Polish leaders thought peddling historical revisionism at home had no consequences; now, it could threaten two crucial alliances.

More Exclusive

Vladimir Putins Mission Accomplished Moment

Trump Launched Campaign to Discredit Potential FBI Witnesses

WWII query Why did France surrender so quickly while Russia held out for years?

More than million North Koreans have their human dignity trampled upon daily. The United States should do more for them.

SitRep Defense Budget Gets a Boost; Trump Haunts NATO

Theres a sudden outbreak of the nasty, stspreading norovirus right near South Koreas Olympic Village

Kurdish officials once dreamed of forging their own state out of the ashes of the war against the Islamic State. Now they are fighting for their very survival.

Trumps Use of Sanctions May Be Unsustainable

Russias highlytouted peace conference to end the war in Syria was an utter debacle.

Exporting British Columbias abundant energy resources should have been a slam dunk. How did a multibilliondollar dream go up in smoke?

Trump Needs to Get Serious About Human Rights in North Korea

More Shadow Government

SitRep U.S. Govt. Shuts Down; Defense Strategy Unveiled; Nuclear Torpedo