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Weve compiled all the biggest news from Square Enixs press conference. What does the tenured Japanese company have in store?

Monster Hunter Worlds second seasonal event, the Autumn Harvest Fest, kicks off on September and adds new Halloweenthemed armor, quests, and more.

You can pick up the PS and Xbox One actionRPG for a lower price point in the US right now.

New summer event for Monster Hunter World offers quests, a daily login bonus, limited bounties, and more; starts July

Monster Hunter Worlds fourth free update is available now on PS and Xbox One, and it introduces a variety of content inspired by Final Fantasy XIV, including the fearsome Behemoth.

Monster Hunter Worlds . patch is now available on PS/Xbox One and introduces a new Elder Dragon to the game, along with a variety of gameplay tweaks and bug fixes.

The next big update for Monster Hunter World has arrived on PS and Xbox One, and it reintroduces the fearsome Elder Dragon Lunastra.

Heres a rundown of some of the best deals available on Xbox Live right now.

Blood, Mild Language, Use of Alcohol, Violence

Are you wondering how to get the new armor or weapon added in the games new PS and Xbox One event? Heres exactly what youll need, including Spring Blossom Tickets …

A recent update for Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood patch . Under the Moonlight will soon bring content from Capcoms hit RPG to the MMO on PS and PC.

A crossover event lets you summon the dragonlike beast in a game already chock full of dragons and beasts.

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Capcom will host a double time attack tournament at this years E, challenging teams to get the stest defeats of Nergigante and the Pink Rathian.

PS and Xbox One players have a few more hours to complete the Challenge Quests to get a high rank armor set based on Ryu from Street Fighter.

Capcom is rolling out update . on PS and Xbox One, which adds another Elder Dragon, Sieges, and new equipment to the game.

Players only have a little more time to get the new Kulve Taroth gear before the quest is taken out of rotation on PS and Xbox One.

Monster Hunter becomes even deadlier in Monster Hunter World, introducing an expansive world and ecosystem that players on Xbox One, PlayStation , and PC can explore.

Monster Hunter Worlds ongoing Spring Blossom Fest ends on April , giving you only a little more time to get the Blossom armor and participate in special Event Quests.

The quest to get Street Fighter Vs Sakura armor rolls out soon on PS and Xbox One.

The second Street Fighter crossover quest has begun on PS/Xbox One and lets players get a full set of Sakura armor.

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Capcom is open to putting more Monster Hunter games on Nintendo Switch, but World will not be one of them.

Using the Mega Man Tickets, PS and Xbox One Monster Hunter World players have a short time to get some special gear.

Well begin emailing you updates about gameName.

A new . update for the PS and Xbox One RPG has brought Sieges, a new of limitedtime quest for up to playersand there are new rewards.

A new patch is out now for Capcoms action game; see the patch notes here.

A new update is on the way to Monster Hunter World on PS and Xbox One tomorrow, introducing new Siege quests and the Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth.

Capcom has stated it plans to launch two big titles before the end of March .

The entire franchise has now passed million copies sold.

Capcom has kicked off the Autumn Harvest Fest event in Monster Hunter World on PS and Xbox One, bringing new Halloweenthemed gear and more to the online RPG.

Capcoms acclaimed PS/Xbox One actionRPG will launch on PC via Steam next month, and players who prepurchase it will get a handful of ingame bonus items.

Milla Jovovich starred in the six Resident Evil movies that made more than billion at the box office.

The golden elder dragon, Kulve Taroth, is coming back for another round of glittering dominance on PS and Xbox One.

If you preorder Monster Hunter World on Steam, youll get a few ingame bonuses.

One of Monster Hunters most iconic creatures its a debut in Smash Bros. Ultimate as both an assist trophy and a boss.

For a limited time, players will once again be able to take part in the Kulve Taroth Siege on PS and Xbox One.

Capcom announces a new sales figure for the Xbox One and PlayStation action game.

The inmous Deviljho has come to Monster Hunter World on PC.

Can your PC run Capcoms RPG? See the minimum and recommended specs here and find out for yourself.

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The upcoming video game movie from the producers of Resident Evil adds two new cast members.

Monster Hunter World has been a runaway success for Capcom, so we checked in with game director Yuya Kokuda for some tidbits about the games design and future plans.

Behemoth is coming to Monster Hunter World on PS, Xbox One, and PC, and it looks like hes going to be difficult to bring down.

Take on some Arena fights to earn your way to Dantes signature red duds and Devil Sword weapon. The DMC event quest is now available on PS and Xbox news Monster Hunter World News