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world newsCoinDeskAn Arizona lawmaker wants to protect blockchain node operators from possible prohibitions by local and county governments.

New Jersey regulators have sent a ceaseanddesist letter to an online cryptocurrency investment site called Bitstrade.

Bush Security Advisor Warns Against Blockchain Cold War

France and Germany have called for the G to discuss cooperative action on cryptocurrencies ahead of a summit next month.

After a rough week across the markets, CoinDesk looks at the cryptocurrencies in the top that have red well, and not so well.

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Hong Kongbased cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced the resumption of trading following a systems upgrade.

The Arizona Senate has cleared a bill that aims to allow residents in the state to pay their taxes with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The chairman of Indias Central Board of Direct Tax says the agency is sending notices to crypto investors that havent declared their gains.

The SECs denial of a FOIA request for records about the troubled blockchain project does not state that Tezos is under investigation.

CoinDesk Releases Blockchain Industry Report

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Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck has said it plans to allow users to start withdrawing local currency from their accounts next Tuesday.

Bithumb is now accepting new investor registrations after a successful integration of knowyourcustomer procedures.

Nvidia CEO JenHsun Huang commented on the rise of cryptocurrencies in an interview Friday, saying they are not going to go away.

Several scientists working at a Russian nuclear weapons research cility have been arrested for mining cryptocurrencies at the site.

Cryptos Price Correction Isnt Killing the Industry High

While the stock market suffers, BTC looks set to make further gains amid mixed action in the crypto markets.