world newsSecond World War IIera bomb discovered in Hong Kong in a week

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The bomb is in a dangerous condition, the fuse mechanism is severely damaged and the position of the bomb is it difficult for our equipment to gain optimal access, he said.

An unexploded USmade World War II bomb also was discovered at a Hong Kong construction site last year and another in , local media reported.

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It is the second unexploded device to be unearthed in the Chinese territory in a week.

A suspected World War IIera bomb discovered Wednesday at a Hong Kong construction site is in a dangerous condition, according to police, saying the fuse has been damaged.

The new explosive was found at a.m. near to the harborfront Hong Kong Convention Center and Exhibition Centre, near where a kilogram pound bomb was defused Sunday.

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According to US military archives, the US Army Air Corps began thebombing of Hong Kongwhen it was under Japanese occupation in the ll of , striking the city dozens of times. Most of those air raids were carried out by B and B bombers, the former of which could carry up to , pounds of bombs.

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He said work was likely to continue on the bomb through the night.

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McWhirter confirmed the newly found bomb was of US design.

Bomb disposal officer Alick McWhirter said the newly discovered device was the same of bomb as the one found Sunday, but he said it would be harder to deal with due to a badly damaged fuse.

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After the discovery of the first bomb Sunday,, people were evacuated from near the site and multiple roads closed before it was successfully defused the following day.

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The discovery of the unexploded ordnance prompted police to close several roads and cordon off the area in the busy Wan Chai neighborhood, with shops shuttered and nearby walkways sealed off as disposal experts examined the device.

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Police said some crossharbor ferry services were also suspended.

Clouds and some sun this morning with more clouds for this afternoon. High F. Winds WNW at to mph..

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