world newsWorld Cup Group breakdowns with teams odds predictions to advance

world newsWorld Cup Group breakdowns with teams odds predictions to advanceFirmino is one of the best OxladeChamberlain talks up Liverpool forward

Heres a breakdown of every group in the FIFA World Cup, including odds, predictions and picks to advance to the knockout stage.

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The FIFA World Cupwill kick off in Russia on June with teams vying for international soccer supremacy, and the chance to life that mous golden trophy on July , the day of the final.

Last but not least, Group H has potential to turn out to be the most interesting in the tournament. While Colombia and Poland are very likely to qualify, led by their superstars up front, the group winner is still under contest. Senegal is regarded as third option for qualification, but interestingly Accuscore simulations dont give them much chance. Their offensive production is lacking, despite some great iniduals, and defensively they are vulnerable especially in counterattack. Japan is likely to challenge, as theyre comforle to put up a defensive wall for as long as is needed and see where it takes them.

France is heavy vorite to win the group, but Denmark and Peru are giving their all to cause another disappointment for Didier Deschamps squad. The vorites might drop points in a draw against Denmark or Peru, but are still number one in the group. Australia is the odd man out and even snatching a point with them would be an achievement. Most intriguing battle will be between Denmark and Peru, who are quite evenly matched in the hunt for the second qualifying spot in the group and are also most likely to play an all even draw.

Group D is expected to be one of the more interesting ones. Even with Argentina clear vorites to top the group, the other three teams are quite evenly matched and have a great chance to pull an upset. Stealing a point from Argentina through a draw is a possibility to any of the challengers and then its up to the headtohead games to decide wholl qualify. Croatia and Nigeria come second with almost the same likelihood, while Iceland is not too r behind if they get similar flow going as in Euro , there could be some interesting developments in Group D.

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Brazil is the sole vorite to take the group, but it gets remarkably more interesting after that. The consensus would put Switzerland second, but in Accuscore simulations its Serbia more likely to qualify. Switzerland is a good team by all means, but theyre lacking that particular skill to put them past the feisty Serbians, who now possess some top level flair as well. Costa Rica cant be counted out outright either, like they proved last time around. Theyre not as fresh this year, though and its likely that some other team will fill their boots as the dark horse in top.

AccuScoresimulations have hit their target remarkably well in the past, and there are once again some disagreements with the current markets. With AccuScores simulation engine, we are able to determine things like each teams odds of winning its group, qualifying for the knockout stage and who will be the top scorers of each group.

Before the competition gets boiled down to two final squads, every qualified team has three games to prove it deserve to be in the Round of knockout stage. The teams with the highest amount of matchpoints in each group move on.

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Germany is by r the top dog here and it shouldnt even be a contest their substitutes would probably win the group. Mexico is also a likely qualifier, but they will receive a lot of pressure from the minnows Korea and Sweden. Mexicos offense is quality, but a lot could be better at the back. Without Zlatan, Sweden is a question mark, but they play with big hearts and are hard to break down. Not a lot of production is expected, which might prove to be their Achilles heel. The Koreans are easy to underestimate, but they play with such pace and tireless mentality, they are also tough to crack.

World Cup Group breakdowns with teams odds, predictions to advance

Group A opens the tournament as hosts Russia play against Saudi Arabia on Thursday th. The group seems rather clear in AccuScore simulations. Uruguay is the most likely winner, with the Russians well behind, although possibly fighting for a draw against the Uruguayans. Egypt is pushing for the qualification spot, led by Mohamed Salah, but other than beating Saudi Arabia theyre likely to ll short. Russia and Egypt are likely to decide the second place in their headtohead match, while Uruguay should win the group comforly.

Interesting top duo and not so interesting bottom pair. Belgiums golden generation is now closing on its peak and theyre expected to deliver after lling short for a while. They are likely to beat England to group title. Englands team is all but golden this time around, but finally the ct is widely recognized and they might even surprise. Also, Harry Kane can win games on his own. Tunisia and Panama were handed a tough draw and they are merely to provide some sparring for the top teams their overall quality is close to the worst in the tournament, despite a couple of topnotch iniduals.

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Group B is preset for the two top clubs Spain and Portugal. Theyre likely to settle the top spot in their headtohead matchup. In simulations Iran is likely to surprise Morocco and can also cause some problems to the vorites. Portugal might struggle a bit to break through Irans stalwart and disciplined defense and only manage a draw. Morocco on the other hand is much more likely to play attacking football, their defense easier for the more skillful teams to exploit. However, it would be a massive shock if it was some other team it through than Spain and Portugal.

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